Saturday, January 29, 2011

Launching Web Site and Collaboration

Woo hoo!

Officially published the Homer-NY One Place Study web site at the beginning of this month.  I've been getting it ready for the past month.  What a feeling of accomplishment.  I could have continued to wait until I had more content, but I really felt I needed to get it out there to keep my momentum to work on the project - and how else can I reach out and hopefully work with other individuals if I can't show them that I am serious about the project.

Now I can  make a list of people and sites I want to contact to link to as well as collaborate.  Collaboration is one of my key words for 2011.  I read a blog by Chris Brogan, and he wrote a post about picking 3 words each year to guide and inspire him.  I liked the idea and chose collaboration for one of my words for the year.

It is my greatest hope that this project will benefit others and provide new opportunities for collaboration on this project and others.  

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