Thursday, February 17, 2011

The World of Blogging-The New World of Oz

So I've landed in Oz with a jolt, and I've started along the yellow brick road -eyes wide with amazement. When I decided to include a blog on my website, I confess to not knowing much about this unique form of communication. Sure I've been reading blogs for some time, for work and for fun, but that didn't really prepare me for being on this side of such a creative medium.

I've gotten followers this week, and some e-mails - what excitement! I'm over the rainbow and skipping along - trying not to trip. My one place study has had me pretty jazzed on it's own, but I'm beginning to see how much fun networking through blogs can be. Every blog I have been led to has an interesting slant to it and there are so many creative individuals with stories to tell. It's easy to jump from link to link and get lost for hours. I am humbled and inspired.

In addition to creating a steady stream of new content for my web site, my goal this month is to get linked into sites where like minded individuals might be visiting. The information on my site isn't of any use if no one finds it. I also hope my site will inspire other people to create similar projects. I've made some progress, submitting either the web site or the blog to several places, including Geneabloggers, Cyndi's List, the One Place Study web site, and a few others. I've created reciprocal links on this site or my web site as appropriate. I can already see that this type of networking is a science in itself. For example, if I hadn't read about submitting my blog to Geneabloggers in a Dear Myrtle blog, it might have taken me months to realize I could do that -even though I read their tweets several times a week. Sometimes I have straw for brains. Thank you to all those individuals who share their knowledge with others - a small post can be a big revelation for a reader.

I can see I have a lot to learn about this world. Other blog sites are a feast, offering rotating pictures, interesting links, awards, badges - it's a whirlwind of wonders like the Emerald City. I hope I can get up to speed without someone sending the flying monkeys after me for a mistake. And then maybe I should add a Facebook page - and there goes Toto after a squirrel (or maybe a lion). Oz is a good place to be.


  1. Welcome to the fold! I also wanted to offer another aspect of a one place study which I helped to develop: Albany Hill Towns (

    This is set up as a wiki based on the Wikipedia model. I was the technical lead on the project and now it is administered by a small group of volunteers.

  2. Great suggested site and a very interesting format. I am going to add a link in hopes some other people will find it helpful or inspirational.

  3. I nominated you for the Ancestor Approved Award - please take a look at my post (sorry I am late but forgot to "pass it on via email or comment." As the post mentions if you have already received this award just note it on your blog! I am not sure if nominated is the right word (everyone else uses it) but I am actually passing the award on - "you have already won!"

    You have an excellent blog and I am fascinated with the idea of a one place name (I belong to a one name group but the idea you are working on seems quite inclusive and may work better!) I will keep up with you site and your blog to see how it goes - will you be providing tech tips in this regard?

  4. Thanks, Tessa! You made my day-maybe the week.
    I will be putting up a lot of posts related to the tools, process and findings related to my one place study. I have several in process to go up soon. I hope I can help others by sharing what I am doing, and invite researchers to share their ideas along the way.